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Publication, Disclosure and Cataloging Section (SPDC)

Published: Thursday, 04 February 2016 14:59 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 June 2019 11:02 | Hits: 250

SPDC is responsible for the administration of ECEME's Biblioteca 31 de Março and for the dissemination of scientific knowledge produced in the areas of Military Sciences and National Security and Defense. The management of the Library includes public service activities, technical processing of the collection and updating and management of the collection, including the acquisition of new titles. Regarding the dissemination of knowledge, SPDC is in charge of the publication of the Revista de Ciências Militares and Meira Mattos Collection in collaboration with the Department of Research and Post-Graduation. It is also in charge of receiving, reviewing and selecting the articles to be published by the Army Library in the magazine The National Defense.

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