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The School

Published: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 19:35 | Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 May 2019 11:53

The Army Command and General Staff College (ECEME) is located at Praia Vermelha in Rio de Janeiro. It is a historical school of the Brazilian Army. ECEME´s mission is to prepare military leaders, senior advisors and General-Staff officers and contribute to the development of military doctrine and thought of the Ground Force. In addition, the school cooperates with the General and Sectorial Directorate bodies in the development of Military Doctrine for the preparation and employment of the Land Force. It is directly subordinate to the Directorate of Military Higher Education (DESMIL), and the Department of Education and Culture of the Army (DECEx).




The learning methodology is based on modern pedagogical principles in a student-centered process that stimulates the student to become self-educated by applying a “learn-to-learn” methodology. The evolution process of teaching has been implemented in order to maintain the high level of proficiency of the school’s graduates.

Currently, the substitution of manuals and other didactic materials from print media to digital, through the individual use of tablets and a self-learning virtual environment, constitute a milestone in the modernization of teaching.

Regarding Distance Learning (EAD), ECEME maintains a continuous update of contents that are written in a dialogic language and illustrated with visual programming features, making reading enjoyable and attractive. Currently class-by-video is a novelty and an important tool to support Distance Learning.


 The school evaluation system has been constantly improved. It includes student performance in school activities, particularly work in groups and formal test results.




 The School has a large auditorium with 460 seats and the “Espaço Cultural” which in one location includes the library, a reception hall and an exhibition hall. The library has a large collection of works for consultation, in addition to being linked to other libraries in Brazil and abroad, specializing in military science. 



Military Doctrine is an object of permanent analysis and evaluation. It seeks to provide input to the Army Staff in order to update the doctrine of the Land Force as well as collaborate with the Ministry of Defense in the development of the joint doctrine of the Armed Forces.


ECEME has increased the relationship with similar schools of the Navy (EGN), Air Force (ECEMAR) and civilian universities. The result of this work is evidenced in various activities, including the Joint Combat Simulation Exercise - AZUVER, which includes the participation of student officers from EGN, ECEMAR and the Executive MBA course of CPEAEx. AZUVER is held at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a historical educational institution of the country.

Every year ECEME receives officers from America, Europe, Asia and Africa for the staff course. This coexistence between Brazilian officers and officers from partner nations is an excellent opportunity for the exchange of professional experiences and cultural enrichment.

During the courses, ECEME students undertake study trips to different regions of the country and even abroad in order to analyze conjunctural, economic, political and social aspects of the visited areas.

This is ECEME, the gateway for Army leaders and military leaders of the past, present and future. Thus, it is important that the School be a model in all areas and institutionalize an ECEME standard, a benchmark and excellence within the Army and the Armed Forces in the civil academic environment as well as abroad.

Making the School a standard of quality for those who pass through is the objective and constant concern of those who serve here.

With this goal, ECEME fully accomplishes its mission of developing officers in advanced military studies and prepare them to strive for excellence for the Brazilian Army and Nation.

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