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Braziliam Army Strategic Studies International Course (BASSIC)

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Portaria Nr 1.200 Cmt Ex, de 20 Set 2016 – Separata ao Bol Ex Nr 38, de 23 Set 2016
Regulamento da ECEME (EB 10–R–05.002)

SECTION III - Teaching and its Objectives

The objective of the Braziliam Army Strategic Studies International Course (BASSIC) are:
I - update and expand policy and strategy knowledge for senior leaders and advisors;
II - to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences concerning politics and strategy with officers from partner nations; and
III - to prepare national and foreign officers for high level advising at the highest levels of their Armed Forces and their countries.
Paragraph 1. BASSIC is intended for senior officers from partner nations, primarily colonels to include Brazilian Army officers.
§ 2 For all due purposes, BASSIC is equivalent to the CPEAEx.
Paragraph 3 - The purpose of BASSIC, for foreign officers, is to enable Officers from partner nations to act as advisors to senior management. It also fulfills the mission of carrying out technical-professional exchanges among officers with nations of interest for their country.

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