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The 31 de Março Library is in the building of the Army Command and Staff School, in Praça General Tibúrcio, at the neighborhood of Urca. It issubordinated to the Instituto Meira Mattos (IMM). It was built in 1997 with the purpose of centralizing the collections of the three libraries thatexisted inside the School. One was the Library General Tasso Fragoso that housed the general collection.Marechal Castello Branco Library is dedicated to the custody of monographs produced by students, and of national and foreign military periodicals, manualsand regulations; and General Garrone Library, of the Policy, Strategy and SeniorMilitary Administration Course (CPAEx). After the integration, the new library received its current denomination. Although it has a very diverse collection, the Library specializes in History and Military Sciences. It focuses mainly on fulfilling the needs of the teachers and student bodies. In addition, it serves the military of other units, either through local or online consultation or in response to requests for research. It also provides copies of monographs filed at the School. The Library serves students and civil researchers as well.



Organize, maintain, control and, disseminate all documentation, as well as avoid duplication of documents and loss of essential information, effectively contributing to the development of ECEME.






Services Offered

Bibliographical survey;

Local consultation to the collection;

Local Loan;

Home loan (only for the internal public of ECEME);

Interlibrary loan;

Virtual service via e-mail;

Guidance on standardization of monographic works;

Guided visit.

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