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Politics and Strategy Section (SPE)

Published: Wednesday, 13 July 2016 14:58 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 June 2019 10:44 | Hits: 254

a) to coordinate the Strategic Policy and Senior Army Administration Course (CPEAEx) and the International Strategic Studies Course (CIEE);
b) to carry out the coordination for students of the CPEAEx and CIEE courses with the support of the DCD to execute the administrative processes;
c) to plan, coordinate and conduct activities related to the teaching and learning of the disciplines under its responsibility, especially those related to Policy and Strategic, Geopolitics, International Relations and Foresight, or other disciplines described in the ECEME Commander's Annual Planning Directive ( DIPLAN), complying with the curriculum, PLANID and PLADIS of School courses;
d) to select and contact representatives of different interagency agencies to cooperate with the classes under its responsibility;
e) to support external collaborators in all activities. To plan and carry out visits to external organs regarding the subjects under their responsibility;
f) to help with the study, analysis and evaluations of the students; assist in the formulation of policies and strategies; and assist in the decision-making at the higher administration level;
g) to coordinate the preparation of students to be high-level advisors at various levels of the Army, the Ministry of Defense and the Executive Branch;
h) to participate in the planning and execution of the Superior Defense Course (CSD), adapting it to the ECEME academic plan;
i) to plan the "Strategic-Operational Planning" (EPEO) exercise;
j) to plan and monitor the CPEAEx MBA with the support of SCG;
k) to plan and conduct the interdisciplinary projects (IP) of CPEAEx;
l) to participate in research topics under its pervue and guide assigned research within the scope of the PPG of the School;
m) to participate in the planning and execution of the CAEM Strategic Studies Trip (VEE), under the responsibility of IMM.
n) to participate, in coordination with STE, in the execution, application and correction of standards for assessing learning in the cognitive areas, when needed;
o) to coordinate with the Psychopedagogical Section the formation of student subgroups;
p) to participate, in coordination with of the Psychopedagogical Section, in the evaluation of attitudinal disciplines;
q) to propose and coordinate, with the STE the application of research related to the studies of its section;
r) to analyze educational research reports, proposing standards and coordinating with STE’s subunit of School Coordination and Research to apply esearch related to its disciplines;
s) to cooperate with STE in reviewing teaching documents in the subjects under its responsability;
t) to develop, in cooperation with STE, requests for instruction cooperation (PCI) related to the disciplines under its responsibility;
u) to elaborate the Internal Work Program (PIT) of the SPE;
v) to provide and / or allow communication with DCD in order to meet the needs of CPEAEx, CIEE and Brazilian Army CPEM (Navy-equivalent course) / CPEA (Air Force-equivalent course) students through the student coordinator.
w) to coordinate and control the distribution of the General Léo Lebarbenchon Auditorium (AGLL), the Marshal Henrique Lott Auditorium (AML) and the group work rooms of the CPEAEx / CIEE, including cleaning and storing these facilities;
x) to cooperate with the DA and DCD in the distribution of officer housing (PNR) of the CPEAEx, CPEM, CPEA, CAEPE and CIEE student officers;
y) to cooperate with the Doctrine Division to develop studies for the Program of Updating of Graduates of ECEME (PADECEME);
z) to propose works for the reading program, according to the content of the courses taught by the Section, forwarding a consolidated report to SCG; and
aa) to control the non commissioned and civilian personnel of the SPE.
ab) the Planning and Coordination Sub-section is responsible for:

1. to comply with all responsibilities of the SPE regarding the course coordination of the CPEAEx and CIEE;
2. to fulfill all SPE's responsibilities in regard to the coordination of CPEAEx, CIEE, Brazilian CPEM Army and CPEA military personnel, with the support of the DCD;
3. to plan and coordinate the activities of reception, support and monitoring of Brazilian and partner nation students of CPEAEx and CIEE and their families;
4. To conduct and adminster military physical training, Physical Fitness (TAF) and Shooting (TAT) tests to the students under their coordination, when applicable;
5. to coordinate the activities of the "sponsors" to international students;
6. to participate, with the psycho-pedagogical section and teaching sections, in the creation of the working subgroups; and
7. to supervise the activities of the Student´s recreation room;

ac) the Policy and Strategy Sub-section conducts all activities in relation to the competencies under its responsibility to include teaching subjects related to the Section, in the various courses;

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