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Strategic Planning

Published: Wednesday, 03 February 2016 15:13 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 June 2020 14:58 | Hits: 275


To forge military leaders and commanders and form staff officers and high-level advisers, producing knowledge and thinking of the Army of the future. To contribute to the construction of a defense mentality in the Brazilian society, with a focus on professional competence to the level of excellence.



ECEME of 2035, will be a center of excellence of Brazilian Military Thought, confirming itself as a national and international reference in Defense and Military Science studies, in order to provide training for leaders, military commanders, staff officers and high-level advisors, establishing close relationships with similar schools and universities (national and foreign) and increasing interaction with Brazilian society.



1) Modern education, in a continuous process of evolution, using technologically advanced means.

2) Lato and stricto sensu postgraduate education recognized by the academic community.

3) Leader of production and diffusion of knowledge in the areas of Defense and Military Sciences.

4) Simulation of modern and adequate combat, in support of Teaching and the development of doctrine.

5) Modern infrastructure appropriate to teaching, research and doctrine.

6) Adequate and permanently trained students and instructors.

7) Modern administrative management of resources in support of teaching, research and doctrine.

8) Exchanges with equivalent schools, higher education institutions, civil and (or) military, national and foreign.

9) Perform scientific research of interest to the Army and National Defense.

10) Contribute to the development of military, land, joint and interagency doctrine.



  • Wisdom: alliance of culture and knowledge, with honor, ethics and integrity of character.
  • Action:proactive and persevering behavior, and attention to detail in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Commitment: with Brazil, the Army and ECEME in first place, and legitimate personal interests.
  • Innovation: encouraging the search for innovative solutions that assist in overcoming the problems and organizational challenges of the School.



  1. To maintain ECEME's teaching in constant evolution, contributing to the implementation of a new and effective system of Advanced Military Education and to the integration of the Brazilian Army with the Defense Ministry and the other Armed Forces; 
  2. To improve the production and dissemination of knowledge in the area of ​​Defense and Military Sciences, contributing to the integration of the Army with society;
  3. To contribute to the development of doctrine;
  4. Improve the management of ECEME under the aegis of Excellence; and
  5. To value the Human Dimension of the school.


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